TE 100

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The TE 100 is a manual sealer by conduction designed for small series.

Reliable it is a good alternative for companies that want to seal their products without investing in an expensive machine.

This easiness allows its use by a non-specialised manpower.


  • Size : 200 x 350 x 650 mm
  • Weight : 6,5 kg
  • Standard diameters of the weld piece : 40-150mm
  • Electric power : 300 W Tension : 220 V monophasé

Packaging size

  • Diameter : <150 mm
  • Height (standard) : < 250mm


Jars and flasks supports : to maintain thermoformed jars and flasks during heatsealing. These supports also enable to centre the pre-cut foil. They go with the complementary weld piece..