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These machines are studied for the heatsealing of aluminium pre-cut foils on any type of packaging (jars, flasks, boxes, cans, bottles) whatever their material may be (plastic, glass, metal).

Thanks to their small dimensions, these machines become easily integrated into pre-existing packaging lines. They can work from right to left or from left to right.

The console which gathers the control buttons and the visual display unit can be set on the right or on the left during their production.

These heatsealers are very polyvalent and can be equipped with one or two heatsealing heads in function of the wanted rate. It is also possible to set on these machines some complementary elements (distributor, cover set, etc.).

These heads ensures the hold, the set and the heatsealing of the aluminium pre-cut foils in a single operation. The pre-cut foils stacks are set in trays that are interchangeable and refillable without stopping the machine.

Changes of format are quick and easy.

These modular machines can be equipped with two standard device for packaging moves :

  • either a rotative indexed plate for small packaging under a diameter of 100 mm,
  • or a linear indexed conveyor for packaging with a diameter over 50 mm.

The plate and the conveyor are both driven by Brushless motor, entirely user-definable (speed, acceleration, deceleration).

Whatever the machine version, every parameters are user-definable and displayed (time, pressure, temperature or power of sealing).

A visual display set on the control desk allow the user to see the working state of the machines as well as potential defects.

The machine has casings and it is in accordance with CE norms. Several controls ensure an excellent quality of heatsealing (temperature alarm, hold of pre-cut foils detection, etc.). Some detection cells at the input and output of the heatsealer ensure its synchronisation with the rest of the production line.

These machines are also evolutionary. A machine with a single sealing head may be equipped later with a second one. A machine of heatsealing by conduction may evolve to a machine of heatsealing by induction (through the installing of one or two generators EMBATHERM GTE 400).

The polyvalence of these machines allow us to bring answers to most of requests. In case of specific applications, EMBATHERM